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Puppies To plan a litter is likely one of the most complex, but for sure also most interesting and stimulating aspects of my job. These puppies represent the result of the combinations of specific morphological and behavioural features of their parents, chosen to improve even more their qualities and reduce their, if any, flaws. This modus operandi requires time and the deep knowledge of the dogs involved, most importantly their bloodline. The personal own taste regarding how the "perfect" dog should be and look remains nonetheless of paramount importance and it influences the way each single mating is decided. My opionin is that it is fundamental for each allevatore to obtain a standard of characteristics for the dogs, together with their health and balanced behaviour and personalities. Within even the most morphologically homogeneous litters the puppies differ between each others regarding their personalities and behaviours: I daily observe them and keep track of their peculiarities in order to eventually be able to give them to the right family. This is the reason why I ask specific questions to their future owners, about their lifestyle,what they do expect from the dog and the environment they're going to live in. Additionally, I make sure that they understand what it means to get a dog : a well defined and thoughtfulresponsibility in exchange for unconditional love and unlimited loyalty. This idea of mine has been understoond and shared by many with excellent results. The puppies are given to their new family after the ninth week of life, with a microchip, their passport-health european licenses where all the vaccines, anti-helmints treatments, protocols and sanitary requirements have been noted by the veterinary, together with the genealogy of their parents.
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