IDS Verona (I) 16/12/2018 Absolute White Chocolate Diaboliko is CAC CACIB BOB and selected in the first 6 of BOG 1 Thanks to Judges Mr. Cristian Stefanescu (RO) and Mr. Arne Foss (N) See you in 2019! NDS Verona- Bolzano (I) 15/12/2018 Enzo CAC and BOB and as of today he qualifies as eligible to obtain the Italian Champion of beauty title, thanks to honorable Judge Mr. Arne Foss (N)
Happy and proud, see you next Year!
Roma Caput Mundi 24/11/2018 Our magic Saturday in Rome! Enzo CAC CACIB BOB at IDS with Mrs. Jadranka Mijatovic (H) and BOB CAC and Club Show Winner with Mr. Stefan Sinko (SLO)
We’re happy and proud! IDS Sempeter (SLO) 10/11/2018 Absolute White Chocolate Diaboliko CAC CACIB BOB and selected in first 6 of BOG 1 Judge Mrs. Mirja Lapanja (SLO)
Enzo is: 3 X CAC 3 X CACIB 2 BOB 1 BOS Thanks to Judges Mrs. Maria Ceccarelli (I), Valerio Nataletti (I) and Shaun Watson (CY) 2 X IDS Messina e Reggio Calabria Special Show BBS 27-28/10/2018
Our Enzo is: 2 X CAC 2 X CACIB 2 X BOB 1 X 2nd place BOG1 Judge Mr. Claudio De Giuliani (I) and Mr. Nenad Davidovic (HR)
European Dog Show Warsaw 2018 A-Star is 1EXC and CAC in Intermediate Class. Judge Mr. Rui Oliveira (PT) IDS Klagenfurt (A) 09/06/2018 A-Star is CAC, CACIB, BOB Judge Dr. Salvatore Tripoli (I)
IDS Klagenfurt (A) 10/06/2018
A-Star is CAC, CACIB, CAC WSÖ, BOS and Alpensiegerin Judge Mr. Erwin Deutscher (A)
Rijeka (HR) 25/02/2018 Absolute White Chocolate Diaboliko is BOB again and becomes Champion of Croatia! IDS Belluno (I) 13/01/2017 A-Star OTBB is 1 EXC, Best Young, BOS , Judge. Mr. Mark Wieber (D).
World Dog Show Leipzig Lipsia (DE) 11/11/2017 * Absolute White Chocolate Enzo fist male in intermediate Class * Lipsia (DE) 11/11/2017 *Famouse World Champion 2017*
Our perfect and beautiful Famouse has kept all her promises, graduating "World Champion," we’re very very proud of our sparkling white star.
IDS Trieste (IT) 13 August 2017 My Enzo at his first show in Italy is JBOB, BOB and 1JBIS!!!! July 2017 Enzo is home, we’re happy and happy!
Milan (IT) 18 June 2017 Famouse is the first WSS Enci Winner. 28 May 2017 NDS Hrusica (SLO) Perfect White Chocolate vom Sutumer Grund (Luz X Boo), 9 months old, is JBOB at her first Show with a beautiful judgement from Mr. Branislav Rajić (SLO).
Happy and proud of our Welpi!
15 April 2017 Club Show Svojanov (Czech Republic), Eragon (Beniamino X Uma) is BOS and JBOB at his first show! Congrats to our friend Dita Krejsova! 09 April 2017 The beautiful Enzo (Beniamino X Uma) at his first Show in IDS Salzburg (AT) is JBOB and CAC WSÖ.
02 April 2017 Super Benny becomes new Champion of Slovenia!!! 04 March 2017 Diaboliko is the BOB at IDS Gonzaga (Italy) and becomes Italian Junior Champion.
02 March 2017 Our Queen Uma gave us the perfect puppies of Yole during a beautiful and sunny day: they are 4 boys and 1 girl. 01 January 2017 We're happy to show you our first beautiful gift from 2017: the puppie girl of Kentalo and Famouse, little Fiamma.
25 December 2016 Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! Eurodog Show Bruxelles 2016 Famouse is Excellent in Campionclass!
14 August 2016 Famouse is BOB, RWS Bundessiegerin 2016 and Vorzügliche Auslese 1 in the Bundersiegerhauptzuchtschau, the most important Club Show in Germany (71 Dogs in Catalogue) 31 July 2016 Proud of our Diaboliko, Best Juniores in the Alpentrophy(A).
July 2016 The perfect run of my Famouse... 25 June 2016 NDS Udine, Famouse is BOB and BIS3, Beniamino is BOS and little Diaboliko ( first time in Ring) is Best Young!
11 June 2016 Bambina White Chocolate, owned and loved in Czech Republic by Dita Krejsòva, becomes today Czech Gran Champion! 04 June 2016 Beniamino is BOG3 at IDS Umag and becomes Croatian Champion!
03 June 2016 The "Benniumini" of Uma and Beniamino are here! They are 8 beautiful snowflakes, 6 males and 2 females. May 2016 Bachelor, owned by Ale and Albonella, gets the Diploma of "Pet Therapy Dog". I'm very proud of him!
22 May 2016 IDS San Marino, Camilla is BOB and becomes Young Champion of San Marino! 01 May 2016 PSBCI Club Show, Beniamino becomes Italian Champion! Congratulations Benni!
10 April 2016 Our Camilla is Best Young, BOS and BIS 2 Junior in Salzburg IDS 2016. Thank you Chiara Capomagi for handling! March 2016 Our Famouse is officially Italian Champion!!!
16 January 2016 IDS Ljubljana (SLO): Absolute White Chocolate Camilla Bella, at her first time in ring, is Junior Winner. 10 January 2016 IDS Milano (I) Famouse Like A Star Vom Sutumer Grund is BOB.
06 January 2016 IA perfect beginning of 2016 for Absolute White Chocolate Kennel at IDS Modena (I) : Famouse Like a Star Vom Sutumer is BOS, CAC, CACIB and Beniamino W-Choco Pride of Astrid is BOB, CAC and CACIB. Happy and proud of my dogs! January 2016 Happy New Year!!!
20 Dicember 2015 IDS Verona (I): perfect Famouse Like a Star Vom Sutumer Grund is BOS, CAC, CACIB. 01 December 2015 The puppies of Toruk Makto and Astrid are here!
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