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I have a Dream My unconditional love for dogs was born with me: I don’t remember a time in my life that has not been accompanied by the precious presence of one of them. I grew up in Carnia, and among the best memories of my childhood in those magical mountains there is always the image of my dog, wagging the tail near me. In 2007, while traveling to the United States I saw for the first time a Swiss White Shepherd, and I was so fascinated that my husband decided to give me a puppy, knowing that there was not and there never will be best gift that I can do. The desire to discover more about this beautiful and, that time, little-known Breed of Dogs in Italy, has prompted me to decide to made with Astrid a "career"in International Contests. In this way I could do exactly what I had set itself: to know the most talented Breeders in Europe, try to understand the logic of them Work, studying the blood lines of the Dogs. Watch, watch, watch and learn! For three years I have traveled in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia and Croatia. I could see live some of the most famous Swiss White Shepherds of the World, I have observed their movement, I studied character and behavior. I asked many questions, and I had many answers. A little tiring but amazing and beautiful time. Only after all this, I felt ready to try to fulfill my Dream and do what I do with all my Effort, Respect and Love : the Breeder. Welcome.
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